Follow up visit to Goldmund

Mono & Stereo friend and collaborator just sent in his follow up visit to Goldmund. Enjoy…
I had a visiting audio buddy from Boston last weekend in Geneva and we had a marvellous day and a half.  For Friday, I took the day off and we toured the Old Town – Geneva, had brunch, visited a high end audio boutique there, then off to Goldmund HQ for a private demo session. My pal is a recent Goldmund electronics owner, acquiring a Mimesis 16.5 processor and a pair of Telos 252 monblocs to drive his Aucoustic Zen speakers. 
For the demo, we  heard the flagship Mimesis 32.5 processor driving the wireless/active Logus Anatta speakers and it was WOW… my pal was floored (and so was I). He loves his AZ speakers but this $200K sub-flagship was unbelievably good….more impressive to me than the flagship Apologue 25th anniverasy limited edition I heard there previously, as it is better suited to that big room. The Apologue seems to need a huge concert hall to really strut its stuff. Additinally its way more complicated to setup and maintain. Though there is a family resemblance, the Anattas are more a BIG Pro-Logus than a mini-Apologue, in terms of sonic signature.
We played a variety of music (on CDs only) and this proved to us that this medium sized behemoth is made to play all music, not just 1 or 2 genres. The Stravinsky piece (the Rite of Spring) simply was explosively dynamic and the Yuri Honing Trio “walking on the moon” cut just seemed to appear in mid-space and project out like 3d video! The TOTO “Rosanna” cut had us both thinking that other people in the room were muttering to us (from the left/front) while the music was playing…it was that convincing and neither of us heard this before on Rosanna. Finally, he put on my Jacob Miller reggae cut (A chapter a day) and these speakers gripped the bass line like the jaws of a pitbull and never let go. Tight all the way…real reggae jamming.
Delightful session, that was followed by lots of delightful conversation and visual expo of other speaker models and future speaker cabinet material.