Franc Audio 10th Anniversary Special Edition Wood Block CARBON

Franc Audio Accessories 10th Anniversary Special Edition Wood Block CARBON double sided, four levels, 8 components rack in mat finishing. The best for heavy and extra heavy audio components.

Extremelly stiffen construction, CNC machined high grade aluminum bars and shets plus materials with different density and phisical properties additionally supported by four independently adjustable ceramic footers – under each shelf – guarantie the best vibration control and reduction of resonances. Ceramic footers alow you also easy leweling each shelf separatelly. Additional layer of carbon fibre at the top of each shelf guarantee even better vibration control.

Very strong and stiffen bottom shelf equiped in top range of Ceramic Disc Hybrid footers allow you easy leveling all rack on every surfaces and put on it extra heavy amps and monos…200kg and more is not a problem.

Avaliable in many high gloss or mat veneers and full RAL or NCS colours. All finishes and dimensions can be customized in your demands.