Gamut hi-fi listening Lobster Chair update

Here is finally the official and info about the all new Gamut hi-fi listening Lobster Chair…
Audiophiles, are you sitting comfortably? Moreover, is your chair playing an active role in the quality of your listening experience? If not, then you may need one of these…
You’ve no doubt spent many hours evaluating every element of your hi-fi system and its placement in your listening room. But what about the furniture you’re sitting on?
CES 2016 saw the official launch of the world’s first hi-fi listening chair, from Danish Gamut Audio. The chair is designed to control the sound reflections that reach your ear, allowing you to hear a more precise and natural soundstage. Specifically, it shields the ear from reflections emanating from behind the listening position, while at the same time preventing the sound from reflecting on the forward-facing areas of the headrest that flank the listener’s head.
Based on a Danish design classic
Design aficionados will recognize the chair’s striking shape: the Lobster Chair is the creation of iconic Danish designers Lund and Paarmann and is manufactured by high-end furniture makers Kvist Industries. In collaboration with Kvist, Gamut has developed a unique variation, tailored specifically for audiophiles. It incorporates special acoustic dampening material, carefully positioned to improve the listening experience – while maintaining the original Lobster Chair’s breathtaking beauty and luxurious comfort.
What’s not to love? A “stunning piece of furniture” that “will enhance any high-end listening room both sonically and visually,” said What Hi-Fi in announcing their ‘Stars of CES’ awards. Given to the ten most interesting new products at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, this must surely be the first time that the award has gone to “a product that doesn’t have a mains socket, doesn’t run on batteries, has no woofers, no tweeters, no USB, no Bluetooth…!”

Pricing & availability

The Gamut hi-fi listening Lobster Chair is available now, with a choice of red or black acoustical headrest fabric, priced at £3,150 (incl. VAT). Matching footrest £1,500.