Gato Audio PWR-222 mono power amplifier NEW

The new Gato Audio PWR-222 mono power amplifier is the culmination of development work started back in 2008 with the Gato Audio AMP-150 integrated amplifier. We have spent the past seven years developing this TwinFET push-pull technology and taking it even further.
The PWR-222 delivers a staggering 250W/8ohm and can deal with even the most power hungry speakers. It features a 700W super low noise torodial power transformer, 44.000uF of RIFA capacitors, two 500amp MOS-FETS and WBT NexGen terminals.
PWR-222 and PRD-3S setup
The PWR-222 is the perfect partner for the Gato Audio PRD-3S preamplifier, not only will they sonically be in perfect harmony, but the PWR-222s trigger circuit will enable a coordinated on/off standby together with the PRD-3S allowing user friendly every day operation.
The PWR-222 is available from November 2015.