Genesis Dragons loudspeakers factory set up

The Genesis Dragons include over 300 lbs of electronics to drive the speakers. All the customer needs to supply is a power amplifier for the midrange/tweeter panels. In the picture, the 6-channel Servo-Controlled Amplifier (we call it the SCAmp) on the right, the midrange/tweeter crossover on the left, and behind the crossover we have the Genesis Reference Amplifier (we call it a GRAmp) 1440w monoblock amplifier. — with Crossover for left channel midrange/tweeter, GRA1440 monoblock amplifiers, Left Channel SCAmp, Genesis Crossovers, Power supplies for SCAmp and GRAmp, IsoTek Titan power conditioner, 6-Channel SCAmp and Power Supply for SCAmp.
Genesis run-in everything we build in the factory because they want the customer’s first impression of their new speakers to be a good one. Despite a week of running-in, Genesis loudspeakers will continue to improve for the first 6 months of ownership.
Setting up the Genesis Dragons for running-in is a big undertaking. The speakers weigh over a ton and take up 200 sq.ft. of space. They drive the speakers HARD – often harder than any owner will want to drive them. This helps uncover any weakness in the system and make sure that they are addressed before they ship. After all, if anything is going to be rattled loose, we want to rattle it loose at the factory and not 5,000 miles away.