Genesis Ice amplifier

And now something special for the audiophile and music lover on the move:
Genesis was founded in 1991, with the mission to create the worlds finest Automotive Audio systems. Our founder designs every Genesis system component to achieve natural music reproduction as realistically as current technology allows. A specialist team of assemblers and technicians lovingly craft each and every Genesis amplifier one at a time in our own factory near London, England.
We fully test every amplifier at least twice in the production process to ensure 100% reliability. Series 3 amplifiers are also run for 24 hours as an additional test, and to begin the ‘running in’ process.
The flexibility of our production system allows us to build one off custom designs using the Series 3 casing and components. Customisation ranges from a personalised badge through to having multiple amplifiers built into a water cooled casing.
Limited editions are also created for special occasions from time to time.
Our finest creation yet is Project 15, designed in celebration of our 15th anniversary in 2006.
With space and cost restraints removed we could create the finest Dual Mono amplifier the Automotive world has seen, combining the best technologies to create a Euphonic and highly musical amplifier without Equal.
Project 15 combines a modern Class A+G power amplifier with the detail, warmth and spaciousness of a tube line stage to give a wonderful musical experience.
Only the finest components available were utilised in this minimalist design, built into a CNC milled casing with a satin and polished contrasting finish.
This amplifier has effortless reserves of power and control with over 200 watts per channel available when needed, yet the warmth and richness of Tube based Class A at even elevated listening levels.
Only 100 of these masterpieces are being made for the select few who will be fortunate enough to acquire one, or possibly two.