Genuin Audio – A German brand with a unique concept…
Genuin Audio writes: Genuin Audio manufactures high-end audio components in Germany that are exclusively designed by renowned developers.  These commissioned works have only one goal: the authentic, genuine reproduction of music. 

As a direct consequence, audio equipment from Genuin is characterized by extraordinary uniqueness. These audio devices uncompromisingly pursue the goal of an authentic audio reproduction. Only the inner values are important. Visual and representative aspects take a back seat. The inside matters.

Genuin Audio’s portfolio currently consists of the following products:
All follow the same philosophy of a true sound image, with no deviation or colouration permitted:

Drive – Sub Chassis Turntable with Torsion Bar Suspension
Point – Unipivot Tonearm with Damped Carbon Tube
Sting – Moving Coil Cartridge with Magnetic Dust Cleaner
Pulse – Time Coherent Loudspeaker
Direct – Solid Core Cable with Innovative Conductor Geometry
Tars – Music Server with External Power Supply and PCIe Bridge 
Nimbus – Voltage Accurate Constant Current Amplifier
Genuin Audio @ “High End 2017“
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Talk to renowed specialists who developed the products. Talk to owner Thomas Wendt about the vision of Genuin Audio. Experience the supreme sound quality of a complete audio setup by Genuin Audio.