German Physiks PQS-402

German Physiks PQS-402 omnidirectional loudspeaker, powered by German Physiks Emperor amplification and an ACCUSTIC ARTS CD transport and D/A. This is one of the larger German Physiks systems in the showrooms of Chinese distributor NC Audio.

The full system

  • German Physiks PQS-402 omnidirectional loudspeakers
  • German Physiks Emperor preamplifier
  • Four German Physiks Emperor mono power amplifiers
  • Accustic Arts Drive II CD transport
  • Accustic Arts Tube DAC II D/A

“The two German Physiks DDD drivers on the front of each loudspeaker cover the range from 215Hz to 24kHz. This exceptionally wide frequency range avoids the need for a crossover point in the mid-band that conventional loudspeakers have, eliminating any discontinuities that this might cause. The DDD driver is phase linear across its operating range, giving an excellent transient response and exceptional tonal accuracy. The absence of a conventional cabinet minimises resonances and the degradation of sound quality that this might cause.

The bass system uses two 10-inch woofers and four 8-inch passive radiators to take the response down to 24Hz. The maximum output level is 118dB, which combined with the 1,100W into 4 ohms available from each of the four Emperor mono amplifiers ensures convincingly live-music like dynamics. The Accustic Arts CD transport and D/A provide a suitably high-quality source to bring the system to life.”