Glasshouse 0.5W Audio Note Non-Magnetic Stepped Attenuator

To celebrate the arrival of the new Audio Note non-magnetic 0.5W resistors, Glasshouse have created this top specification shunt stepped attenuator featuring the 23 step Sieden switches.
Due to the resistor values currently available from Audio Note we are only able to supply the 100K impedance version on the Seiden 23 step switch, in mono and stereo.
It is available on 1pole 23way mono and 2pole 23way stereo switches, available as a kit or fully built.

PRICE (1 off) +vat +p&p

100k Only
Mono on Seiden 1 pole 23 way switch – £139.70 (kit) – £154.70 (built)
Stereo on Seiden 2 pole 23 way switch – £270.60 (kit) – £290.60 (built)
 Link: here