Göbel event

It was great to finally met personally Oliver Göbel of Göbel High-End. He brought a complete Göbel Lacorde Statement cables for test and review. As cables were completely new and directly from factory they need some good 100+ hours to settle/break in, but already the listening impressions are leading to something interesting and special. 

Most of cable manufacturers should take a look and learn a lesson or two from Oliver Göbel. Göbel Lacorde Statement cables are manufactured in the best manner of industrial design. They radiate with build quality and Made In Germany vibe in most positive way. My closest resemblance was the highly distinguished products from Porsche Design. I’ll reveal more facts later on, but there is no cut backs with these products. Cables clearly reflects Oliver mind and vision.

I’ll post more pictures and listening thoughts in upcoming days with the full blown review and interview with Oliver coming in due tim. Stay tuned.