Göbel High End Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver

Oliver Göbel, CEO and main developer at Göbel High End gives explains what is so special about their speakers and the unique Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver…
Epoque Fine is worldwide unique, most homogeneous, most precise and most realistic loudspeaker. With enormous frequency coverage of our Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver from 170 Hz till 31.000 Hz (which is over 7 octaves!), everything is reproduced from this single driver at one point and without a crossovers in this frequency range. So no phase shiftings and therefore really time coherent!
Most of all other loudspeakers use multiple driver arrangements with several crossover points to be able to cover this enormous frequency range, which amongst others always cause phase shiftings and therefore a non time coherent radiation.
Only below 170 Hz (which already correspond to a wave length of around 2 meter) the bass units are coming into the game. In order to also generate a perfectly smooth transition to the bass units, we positioned them only around 30 cm away from the Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver. So even 2 octaves above the crossover frequency the wave length is much bigger than the distance between the Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver and the bass units.
As the Carbon Excellence Bending Wave Driver has no enclosure and is open in the back, the exact ratio and position of the Carbon Excellence Bending wave Driver to the front and back radiating bass units was also very important in order to reach a perfectly smooth transition. Additionally through this open construction we avoid any compressions or colorations from the outset, which were caused by reflections of enclosures behind the drivers within this huge frequency range.