Göbel High End Lacorde Statement cables review

Upper echelon part of high-end really bloomed in past few years. Somehow everything seems to be logically coming into the differentiating on the dedicated levels. Like it or not when we’re passing the certain price point high-end audio automatically enters into the realms of luxury goods. Despite being niche market place there are still highest demands and urges needed to be fulfilled. 
Year by year industry is shifting towards the more advanced and elaborated approaches to state of the art musical reproduction. Finally we’re gazing into the era of actual technological step ups where the new set of rules must be met. I think, that slowly, but surely we’re passing the transitional period of mysticism and mediocracy in the ultimate league. People don’t buy anymore into the blank statements and false promises. They want a clear dedication from the brands and matured, finished product, that actually works and not jus represent giant monuments. And adding up… In this price range there is no second guessing of the production quality as well as appearance, that shows where the money and efforts went into. The aesthetics must meet the same highest criteria of sound. I’m vey critical when it comes to the exotic pricing and highest claims. Usually we’re dealing with the prices of a well specced BMW. Comparing a 200 horse power value to quite some ridicules priced gear often leaves a lot to hanker for. 


In the world where for decades high-end audio cable market was dominated by the long standing and established brands like Nordost, MIT, Transparent etc. there is no easy way to enter into the battle with such competition. Getting the attention of audiophiles, that are strongly attached to the premium brands is not an easy task. One must really bring something different, innovative and of real practical application/performance in order to convince people to shift from so called safe buyings into world of new comers. 


Meet the Oliver Göbel of Göbel High End. As the Mono & Stereo is interacting with grand pace in the unique world of state of the art, exotic and upper echelon brands its a pleasure and a privilege to meet people from this industry. As mentioned before things are finally starting to settle in on the highest plane and the companies with a lot of smoke and little substance are moving out of this horizon quicker then ever. People are taking this art and manufacturing extremely seriously as these dedicated ventures tend to be of long existence and not just one day fake wonders. I would say, that ultra high-end industry is becoming in a way very similar to the high-end watch making industry. People there demands quality, continuity and heritage. You can clearly distinguish between the entry level high-end and topmost brands when you see and experience high-end watch. It goes (and it should) the same for high-end audio industry. 
Oliver Göbel belongs to the small circle of people, that brings a positive and gentleman dealings in high-end audio society. In all of my corespondency with him I never felt any rush, hectic or push forward nature. Meeting him in person just added up to my respect and understanding of Mr. Göbel venture and his work. I always say, that products reflects the mind and attitude of the designer and dedicated company products even more reflects the way the designer wants his products to be seen. This starts with the interaction attitude, packaging, media material and the product itself. 
Everything around the Göbel High End brand feels premium and in the same manner in person, Oliver proudly presents and talk about his creations and the brand. I’ve met quite some different people among my twenty plus time in high-end audio industry with all sorts of different natures and characters. When people have a strong believe in their products and actual finished products, they feel no need to push forward their agenda, stamp on competition and use tricky dealings. Oliver Göbel let his products speak for themselves and acts calmly without feeling the urge of proving himself. Göbel High End is one of his ventures and Oliver works on a larger scale also with custom audio solutions  and OEM applications.
In the global market where people are calling back to the legendary Made In Germany quality Oliver Göbel understood this demand perfectly and Göbel High End is a admirable representative.


After a research time of over 10 years with thousands of listening hours of countless carefully evaluated variations and combinations of different conductor materials, conductor alloy materials, dielectric isolation materials, specific geometries, specific resonance control devices, cable treatments (cryogenic processing, heat processing, …), connectors, connection methods, … we developed our world wide unique benchmark cable series Lacorde Statement which we think is the best you will ever hear!
Our top notch supreme reference cables of the Lacorde Statement series provides staggering, unprecedented levels of performance in any aspects and have the ability to connect you to the real recording place like no other cable in the world.
These new heights of realistic listening experiences are only possible through our own proprietary technologies which are explained below. Of course we also developed additional technologies on which all our cables of the Lacorde Statement series are based. Only to name a few: The ideal conductor geometry, The ideal conductor dielectric, The prevention of electrostatic charging and the effects hereby, the ideal connector types, the ideal contact between the connector part and the conductor, …

Own Proprietary Conductor Alloy

During our research time we experimented with countless variations of conductor materials and conductor alloy materials in order to find the best conductor material possible. We ended up with our own proprietary perfect conductor alloy which contains the ideal electrical conductivity. This special alloy is always the element of the heart of all our Lacorde Statement cables. You will notice it because you do not notice it. Every detail of your music will become unbelievable easy and naturally with the highest resolution and without any coloration.

Control Of The Skin Effects

Additionally performance relevant factors are the so called skin effects. Through these skin effects the high frequencies flow near surfaces of the conductor, but middle and low frequencies flow oriented toward the center of the conductor. For a time coherent, natural and not artificially accentuated performance of the upper audio spectrum it’s elementarily important, that all frequencies will be transported equably. Additionally it is very important to take care of the signal degradation that will happen because of the direct contact between the dielectric material and the conductor. Especially if you look at the influences that happens because of the skin effects. Through our special geometry of the conductors and the dielectric materials we also get perfectly control over these issues. You will hear every aspect of your music with a coherency and with micro dynamic details that you never heard before.

Multiple Stranded Webbing Design

It is also very important to perfectly control and well balance the relation of the inductance and capacity of a cable construction so the cable is acting completely even over the whole frequency range and also far beyond. That is also a reason why all our cables of the Lacorde Statement series consists out of multiple single isolated conductors out of our proprietary alloy with a proprietary diameter and a proprietary isolation material diameter. These single isolated conductors are arranged in an unique 3D webbing matrix which totally controls and balance these cable parameters. Additionally we herby also get control over numerous of interfering field factors. You will notice it in an absolute natural music experience. No frequency range will be preferred. The music has a resolution, dynamic and speed that you never heard before. But it doesn’t gets brighter because of the more dynamic, speed and resolution. It only gets natural!

Resonance Control

Furthermore it is very important to get control over the numerous resonances that always happen in all materials and material intersections. Our proprietary cable constructions and resonance control devises prevent those resonances right from the beginning. That is also the reason why we mill our own connector housings and strain reliefs out of a certain aluminum alloy and additionally equip them and the cables themselves with specific resonance control devises. We do all these efforts in order to get a controlled, broadband resonance pattern which quickly decay completely even over the entire frequency range. You will notice it in an ultra black and silent background with a perfectly arranged soundstage that is more natural than you ever experienced before. Additionally the localization of all single musical details in the room gets more sharper and more natural.


“The most coherent and natural cables could only be developed and produced by a company that developed and produce the most coherent and natural loudspeaker – the Göbel Carbon Excellence Bending Wave loudspeaker!” 
Göbel High End speakers for sure makes continuously impressive appearance and performance each year at the Munich High-end audio show and in the same spirits, Oliver introduced the Lacorde Statement cables.
Let us step into the world of Göbel and see if this also holds on for their line of high-end audio cables. 
Oliver is secretive on the exact materials he’s using for the Lacorde Statement cables. Cables are of multiple stranded design made out of high conductive and high purity special proprietary alloy with pressed Teflon dielectric. They use proprietary Göbel spade connectors (speakers cables) made out of high purity Tellurium copper and high purity silver, resonance optimised Furutech top of the line no compromise connectors (power chord) and Modified Neutrik XLR plugs (XLR interconnects). 
Once you’ve seen and hold the cables in your hands there is no objections regarding the quality and fine execution. So far anyone I’ve showed the Lacorde Statement cables either burst in awe or silently observed them. These cables scream German quality in the similar language that reminds of another German flagship brand. The Porsche Design! Sturdy, effective, minimalistic and of top industrial execution. When the product is designed right, it instantly radiate with certain aura of quality. It feels obvious that Oliver didn’t cut no corners here. What holds with the experiencing of Göbel High End speakers prolongs to the Lacrode Statement cables. They seems like a logical progression of the same company DNA. 
Taking in the account the top calibre approach of Göbel High End  Lacorde Statement cables it was only fair and a must to accompany them with my premium selection of reference components. Robert Koda Takumi K-10 and Analog Domain takes a constant role of steady highest performing “machines” across the globe and we can see Analog Domain as a constant partner of Göbel High End at the Munich show rooms. Both German brands unite the similar philosophy and approach to the ultimate high-end audio reproduction. And both companies have strong human front ends. Oliver Göbel and Angel Desptov…
I’ve tried complete set and partial connection of Lacorde Statement cables in quite few different systems, but the main focus of listening and testing was with Robert Koda and Analog Domain. It only feel right to server them with the gear I hold dearly as reference upper echelon class.
As you’ll read in the conclusion Lacorde Statement cables fits exactly where Robert Koda and Analog Domain conquer. The ultimate audio plane!


Göbel High End Lacorde Statement audio cables needed at least 100 hours to break in. I would called this only a first step into the sound change and shaping toward the what they’re able to offer. The difference happened practically on hourly base up to the first hundreds hours. After that, the subtle changes were starting to made their entrance in a more lengthly intervals. This was prolonged during the next 200+ hours. Interestingly and not surprisingly the bass needed the most time to develop to the same level as mids and highs. Do not judge or give any critical assumptions until these cables reaches at least full 500 working hours. Yes, it takes a long time, but its also a serious state of the art product with serious price stamp. As with any other high-end audio component out there you cannot avoid burn in and settling time. In this period one should not move or bend the cables in any way for achieving the utmost performance. As with all the materials being used in audio cables and generally, we’re affecting their core structure by physically with any moving, bending and adjusting. Everything matters at this point of highest performance operation and one should not take things easily at any time in pursing the utmost results. 

After good 500 plus hours I’ve rest myself assured, that my mindset and ears are ready for the critical listening contemplation. As usually with the top gear, I’m repeating the established listening process, that can bring out the objective comparable results. Too often we push out the importance of technical process, that can be repeated again in again. Only with the known set of rules the reference level of criticism can take its place. Otherwise its more often then not just an emotional response or mood swing making he impressions, that are actually hard to summarise into the viable conclusion of any sort and of objective value. 
So what happened with Lacorde Statement cables? They have revealed their refined qualities universally. Taking the midrange to the highest level of performance never is a signed deal. Its a vibrancy of the mid spectrum in co-ordination of high and low end that can present the airiness of life like musical character. Making it right is a grand win and Lacorde Statement proven themselves as a true captivators and as an enormous breakthrough of what we call high-performance. They were among the best; well actually the best cables I’ve pleasure to hear in my reference system in the terms of universal liquidity happening not only in the mid frequencies, but subordinately in the high and lower range. Yet, the radiant power and the “magic” of the mids were so captivating, that on the moments I’ve completely forgot about the designated labelling. One could say everything was harmonically correct and RIGHT! 
Interestingly. I did expect something special, but for sure not the such warm, captivating performance. My friends and followers from around the world and specially from Asia wrote about the impact of Lacorde Statement in their system. As from the first note strikes playing through them, I’ve expected ongoing, resolving performance in the dynamics, resolution and transparency, but for sure didn’t expect the natural warmness and lightness presented after the initial burn in. It easy to talk about the linearity across the complete frequency range in theory. It is another thing to actually accomplish such performance. 
There are quite few high-end audio cables, that possesses their own strong sole attributes. Sadly, these in 99% works only within special regard. Intriguingly Lacorde Statement cables keeps its potency not only across the full scale frequency about also across the different systems. They are truly universal in their appliance. 
I’ve took more then enough time to test the Lacorde Statement cables and tried them with different setups. Solid state, tubes and TVC preamplifiers were all connected in my reference system as well as both tube and transistor based power amplifiers. My listening notes presented similar, continuing conclusions within different setups. Most importantly they kept their musical vibrancy, linearity and transparency. 


With the product and the pedigree like Lacorde Statement cables   I didn’t want to jump any quick conclusions letting myself being  affected in the first wave of the impressions. The performance must be steady and revealing thought the whole prolonged process. Without continuity there is no real sense of highest performance or true value. Musical impact, true transparency and harmony of musical reproduction must all be met when this are taken on the ultimate plane. Lacorde Statement cables managed to embrace this with the best attributes. 
Like in the world of high-end photography the best of the photo camera breed brings an impressive amount of anchor points that are helping in recreating the believable illusion of reality. In similar way Lacrode Statement cables offers a highly impressive and intricate insight into the music with the far out amount of audio anchor points. They stand out in their ability to recreate the complexity of music and most importantly in keeping everything harmonically correct. 
There is no universal high-end audio cables. Still, Lacorde Statement cables managed to bring the best universality I’ve experienced so far on my path of high-end audio pursue. Stating that one cable can perform all the demanding tasks, impedance matchings etc. would be a nonsense. Yet, Göbel High End audio cables showed real coherency repeatedly to a such extend, that these became a rule setter. Luckily both Robert Koda and Analog Domain were perfect matching and could show Lacorde Statement  performance ability and quality of the utmost level.
Göbel High End Lacorde Statement audio cables are the proud receiver of Mono & Stereo Upper Echelon award. They represent something unique, special and meaningful stand out achievement. Until now only Skogrand cables impressed me to to the extend to give out the award, but Lacorde Statement universal implementation and execution brings something so positively different, that moved things to the new horizons of musical reproduction. 
Usually, we don’t associate warmness and harmonic richness with typical German high-end audio products, but Göbel High End reflects Oliver Göbel vibrant personality. Lacorde Statement high-end audio cables are a mighty, surprisingly transparent, enchanting and most importantly a very welcome change in both appliance and highest performance! They are setting the standard to look upon with the unusual ability to hold the best attributes across the complete frequency spectrum. Even at the upper echelon range of utmost performers its very complicated to ensure the real linearity without typical frequency bumps. Lacorde Statement are writing the new history in this regard. Oliver managed to design a complete set of flagship cables, that builds on the best singular attributes of other ultimate audio cables. These cables in most cases highlight only the some portion of excellency. Göbel High End audio cables is a grand leaf forward from what we’re usually expect even in this price level. 
Let me conclude with the general observation regarding the ultimate high-end. We finally reached the point where high performance and executing is starting to meet the luxuries pricing. Its about time, that we’re stepping out of the blind following of the so called established products. Göbel High End Lacorde Statement cables are the most prominent messenger of the  new era and a true representer of how ultimate high-end audio should sound and look like.
Text: Matej Isak

Specifications and prices

Lacorde Statement Speaker
Conductor material: High conductivity and highly pure special proprietary alloy
Dielectric: Pressed Teflon®
Connectors: Proprietary Göbel spade connectors out of high purity Tellurium copper and high purity silver. For best possible contact pressure and therefore lowest transition resistance and long term stability.
Design: Multiple stranded construction. Composition of special materials in order to avoid static charges as well as resonances and microphone effects.
Length: Standard length 3,0 m. The length could also be longer or shorter each 50 cm.
Price: Euro 20,000 incl. 19% VAT for a pair with 3,0 m length. For any further or less 50 cm for a pair Euro 2,600 incl. 19% VAT
Lacorde Statement XLR
Conductor material: High conductivity and highly pure special proprietary alloy
Dielectric: Pressed Teflon®
Connectors: Modified Neutrik connectors for best possible contact pressure and therefore lowest transition resistance and long term stability.
Design: Multiple stranded construction. Composition of special materials in order to avoid static charges as well as resonances and microphone effects.
Length: Standard length 1,2 m. The length could also be longer each 40 cm.
Price: Euro 5,000 incl. 19% VAT for a pair with 1,2 m length. For any further or less 40 cm for a pair Euro 1,400 incl. 19% VAT
Lacorde Statement Power
Conductor material: High conductivity and highly pure special proprietary alloy
Dielectric: Pressed Teflon®
Connectors: Modified Furutech top of the line connectors for best possible contact pressure and therefore lowest transition resistance and long term stability.
Design: Multiple stranded construction. Composition of special materials in order to avoid static charges as well as resonances and microphone effects.
Length: Standard length 2,0 m. The length could also be longer or shorter each 50 cm.
Price: Euro 7,500 incl. 19% VAT for one piece with 2,0 m length. For any further or less 50 cm Euro 1,000 incl. 19% VAT
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