Grandinote Demone power amplifiers have landed!

The Grandinote Demone power amps have just landed at Mono and Stereo HQs. A lot of people are interested in these fully balanced Class A (60W) no-compromise solid-state power amplifiers from Italy. Why? Demones implements unique approaches like Massimiliano Magri’s proprietary Magnetosolid® VHP technology, no feedback circuits, direct coupling stages with no capacitor used, etc.

As it becomes a practice I couldn’t keep my enthusiasm bottled and unpacked them at once :). So what are the very first few songs telling!? Mamma Mia! The unaltered rawness that translates to the music’s purity, unexpected lighting fast speed, tube-like (but not saturated) natural warmness and impressive horizontal and vertical expanse….
These pure Class A power amplifiers are sounding nowhere near the specified 60 W, but almost double the power! But, then again I wouldn’t expect noting ordinary or mediocre from Max…
Stay tuned for more soon. Yes, the very first impact is 
  • Nominal power: 60W
  • Damping factor: >230
  • Frequency response 1,5Hz – 350 kHz
  • One balanced input: XLR (fullly balanced)
  • Class “A”
  • No feedback
  • Direct coupling stages: no capacitor used
  • Power consumption: 220W (each channel)
  • Weight: 30kg (each channel)
  • Dimensions: W=318 x H=196 x L=473 [mm] (each channel)
  • Grandinote’s warranty: 5 years
  • Magnetosolid-VHP

Price in Italy: 30.000 EUR