Gryphon Diablo 333

Bliss Acoustics writes: “Gryphon Diablo 333 has arrived to Canada. Spectacular performer with looks to match . While rest of the Gryphon “family” is resting ( Apex Stereo, Essence Stereo, Commander Preamplifier ) Gryphon Ethos Black DAC/CD player, Aurender N20 are supporting digital cast, Nagra Anniversary Reference Turntable with Nagra Reference Cartridge, Nagra HD Phono act as a glorious analog front end.

Kroma Atelier Leonore, Magico M2 and AudioNec EVO-2 Speakers sang with Diablo 333.

Nordost Valhalla V2 and Gryphon Vanta Cables on Modulum Audio and Gryphon StandArt Audio furniture .Please come to see us at upcoming Montreal Audio Fest, March 22-24th, Room “Montreal 2”