Harman JBL Synthesis SDEC3500 Equalizer NEW

HARMAN’s JBL Synthesis NEW SDEC3500 Equalizer, offers comprehensive EQ and audio optimization capabilities. The SDEC3500 is designed to complement the JBL Synthesis SDP-25 Surround Processor and SDA-7200 Multichannel Amplifier to create a complete JBL Synthesis electronics package at a lower price point than ever before.
“Our new SDEC3500 incorporates the industry’s most advanced room-correction and system-tuning capabilities at a new price/performance benchmark for a JBL Synthesis equalizer,” said Jim Garrett, Director of Marketing and Product Management, HARMAN Luxury Audio Group. “With the SDEC3500 now available to complement the SDP-25 preamp/processor and SDA-7200 amplifier, custom installation specialists and system integrators can now offer a complete home cinema system that delivers ultrahigh-end JBL Synthesis performance and flexibility from an attractively priced, perfectly matched set of components.”
The SDEC3500 optimizes the performance of a JBL Synthesis system in any room, using more than 500 bands of parametric digital equalization that can be precisely fine-tuned in level and bandwidth to correct for the dips and peaks in the frequency range that are inherent in any room and yield flatter, more accurate frequency response. The SDEC3500 can apply this equalization to all main, center and surround speakers and subwoofers in a system. 
The SDEC3500 offers complete bass-management capability with 16 high-pass filters, four low-pass filters, eight phase filters, re-equalization and additional functions including EQ compensation for high frequencies that can be lost when speakers are installed behind a projection screen or other materials.. The unit includes analog outputs for all main channels of a 7.1 system and provides expanded functions with its digital Blu link capabilities. The SDEC3500 also provides speaker time delay correction for all 8 of its outputs, to ensure precise soundfield reproduction and image localization.
When used with the JBL Synthesis ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System hardware and software calibration package, the SDEC3500 supports the HARMAN Sound Field Management (SFM) via BLU link connection to the JBL SDA4600 subwoofer amplifier. SFM minimizes seat-to-seat variation in bass response in a home theater system. The SDEC3500 also interfaces with ARCOS and HARMAN’s exclusive AutoCurveSum process to correctly optimize the subwoofers in a system with the crossover blend of any number of main speakers, by using a combination of delay and phase filters. AutoCurveSum is especially advantageous in systems with multiple subwoofers in matching the subwoofers with the main speakers.
The SDEC3500 is designed to work seamlessly with the JBL Synthesis SDP-25 preamp/processor and SDA-7200 amplifier. The SDP-25 offers six HDMI 1.4 inputs with 4K Ultra HD compatibility, 7.1-channel surround-sound audio capability, a full complement of digital and analog audio and video connections, decoding for all popular surround sound formats, and USB input for streaming audio and much more. The JBL S7200 7-channel amplifier delivers 200 watts per channel from a compact, Class D design.
The JBL Synthesis SDEC3500 Equalizer will be available in May 2015.