Hasehiro Romantic Healing Horn speakers

More from the Land of The Rising Sun. Hasehiro Premium Romantic Healing Horn speakers. Hasehiro has been looking for years to find proper driver, that would perform closer to Roiene RA160. L.Cao FA6 Alncio driver was chosen for its ability to render, small chamber music and acoustical instruments with great emotional impact. 

Hasehiro Premium Jazz enclosures are coated in urethane and glossy mirror coating.

Hasehiro Premium Romantic Healing Vox
Driver:/ L.Cao FA6 Alnico 16cm
Impedance:/ 8Ω
Enclosure:/ MDF
Coating:/ Urethane Mirrored Coating
Size:/ 250(W)X610(H)X340(D)mm
Weight:/ about 18.0kg each
Link: Here.