Very interesting DAC coming from France. Christian Catauro, owner of Helixier developed this numeric filter design DAC with the extended test via Magnetic resonance imaging – MRI machines…
Was Redbook PCM 16 bits / 44.1Khz a mistake? Many people still prefer the black vinyl, arguing the failure of the Compact disc to reproduce the touch of a bow or the string of a violin as example. More than 30 years passed without evoking the real potential of the Redbook?
It took many years of R & D for Helixir engineers and contributing scientists including the medical industry experts to develop first digital filter performing consistently and believable for our auditory system. “Advanced Natural Digital Filter” allows you to hear digital sound non over processed, but with a surprisingly analog type like sound, with natural warmness and realistic percussion and strings attacks.
The HRDDAC Helixir has implements unique digitally controlled phase locked loop, ensuring perfect synchronization of the SPDIF “flow” in the absence of cable differences with the transfer of zeros and ones.