HFAudio Chile is a small company based in Santiago de Chile, founded by Hector Insua and Francisco Suarez. For more than 7 years they have been building tube amplifiers and phono preamps using the finest parts and selected components, designing their circuits, point-to-point construction, using fine woods and handmade components. All their equipment is unique, having gone through a long process of testing and listening to hi-fi equipment. 

“In our designs, we use Tubes 7591a, 300b, AL4, 6C33c, 2A3, 45 among others, we include low noise tubes such as D3A and Gz34 rectifiers, we deliver our equipment with the best tubes available in the market.

Our equipment is in the hands of clients who appreciate the quality and dedication to construction, and today they found homes in Chile, Argentina, and other countries.

Currently, our approach is based on including higher power tubes with single-end designs, so we will soon have available amplifiers that use 845 and Gm70 tubes. 

Our Phono Pre is a project that features more than 6 years of continuous development and innovation, achieving a level that currently competes with products of many times its value.

For us, designing and building Hi-Fi equipment is a passion to which we dedicate many hours of work.

Our Reference equipment is a monoblock amplifier, with 300b tubes in PushPull mode with D3a Drivers and selected components, which provides a warm, detailed, and powerful sound when necessary.

We are in the process of expansion, where we prioritize delivering quality and satisfying our customers, expanding our borders to deliver equipment to audiophiles around the world.

We prefer to give personalized service, therefore our clients have direct contact with us, we analyze the rest of their sound chain and recommend the best option to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

On the three photos below you can see HFAudio Chile recent creation, it is a Single End, Interstage amplifier, based on the 6C33C tube and D3A Driver, with 18w of Power, outputs for 4 and 8ohms, and many components from the Soviet era to be at the tone with the rest of the design. The cabinet is built in Teak, with its design and point-to-point construction.”