HiDiamond D3 XLR and Diamond 8 speaker cables review

This is the second part and follow up to the review of my HiDiamond Diamond 4 power cable review from last year. Diamond 4 showed to be quite a performer and I’ve been very positive in my conclusions:

“With all the attention and specific takes, that HiDiamond uses in the production of Diamond 4 power cable the result is evident. HiDiamond Diamond 4 power cable brings the flow to the energy of the music and doesn’t act in any way as a filtering element like many power cables do. This is well thought out mature product, that clearly went through many phases in reaching the point of performance, that is offering.”


When digging out my review notes and remarks I’ve had to grin. One of the highlighted remarks: “I couldn’t resist in trying to connect these really massive flagship Diamond 8 speaker cables upon arrival with two-three familiar songs.” Yes, the looks and appearance as well as proprietary 4VRC© copper cooking got to me. So, the first note strikes and could smile. There was something right and substantial about the sound. Depth, speed and TONE!. 
This will quickly fill up my email and message inboxes, but thick speaker cables DO make sense in most cases. Not to boost our ego, but to deal with mV’s of the signal, that significantly differs from the line levels…


I’ve already highlight the HiDiamond looks in my Diamond 4 power cable review, but Diamond 8 speaker cables are even more in your face and captivating. Their massiveness and aesthetics will for sure instantly be a conversation starter even before turning on the music. 
D3 XLR follows the same aesthetics, but as expected with a less bulkiness. Still, they share the same family looks!


HiDiamond Diamond 8 speaker cables implements proprietary 4VRC©, copper cooking for four times in order to obtain a reduction in values of inductance, capacitance and resistance. They use XLPE isolator, that is supposably 100 times better than normal teflon. HiDiamond elaborate further how this lowers the threshold of escape of spike, cancels the skin effect between individual leads and therefore the width of the musical signal barrier, guaranteeing greater linearity and lower amplitude of the sine wave. This all concluding in the clear benefit in the naturalness of musical signal emission.
Diamond 8 speaker cables are terminated with high quality Rhodium plated connectors to, that strive for a better signal transmission without loss and in absence of oxidation. Further on HiDiamond implements dedicated twisting within the cable to ensure a balanced sound across the whole frequency range with tonally correct, powerful bass extending in a precise flow. 
Diamond 8 impression of dynamics were designed for a complete freedom without any compression and as transparent medium which helps in empowering the music with its natural force in the reproduction. Diamond 8 was design to emphasise the real details of the recording, bring focus, high transparency without being aggressive. 
Diamond 8 was designed to act, but without noticing its presence. HiDiamond team also wanted to design a speaker cable that would work with bout solid state and tube components.  
At its core HiDiamond Diamond 8 speaker cables are using 12 x 4 mm 4VRC© conductors in making company absolute reference cables.


HiDiamond D3 XLR uses same proprietary technology, 4VRC copper cooking for four times in order to obtain a reduction in values of inductance, capacitance and resistance mixed with graphite. Graphite in this solution allows to block the noise generated inside of the cable from the passage of an electrical (musical)signal to bring out a perfect signal without any introduction of noise that would mask the reproduction. 
HiDiamond D3 XLR cases uses the original Neutrik connectors embossed with Swarovski crystals.


So how does this all relate in the down to earth langue of music. Effectively and surprisingly close to most important attributes of real music. 
There are many references to live acoustical, un-amplified music. I’ll have my usual set of albums always on hands to quickly distil the fakes and the real deals. But, along these pure acoustical recordings we should not forget about other references. Typical classical jazz guitar sound is also nice reference and should always be reproduced correctly. Joe Pass is for sure one the giants in mastering jazz guitar. He’s playing energise the simplicity with lyricism in such form, that captivate ones heart and ears with ease. 
Both HiDiamond D3 XLR and Diamond 8 speaker cables managed to provoke the tones matching their close resemblance to the real guitar tones. We’re always dealing with the illusion of some sort within the realms of high-end audio reproduction. Still, some products can retrieve so much more life-like presentation of real events then others. And both cables proven tone on right track.  
Santana might not fit exactly into the jazz genre, but his signature sound and playing are both instantly recognised. As such it can also act as an reference to call upon easily. Both HiDiamond cables managed to keep the vibrancy of tone and the energy of his playing at very engaging level reflecting some of the virtues of much higher priced high-end audio cables. 
It was the same with classical music. Bizet’s Carmen is such a joyful sum of harmony and music. If orchestration is done and performed greatly there is no lacking of emotional impact, that simply drags you into the sad story of opéra comique. Here again HiDiamond D3 XLR and Diamond 8 speaker rendered music with strong potency and engaging factor.                                                                                                                                                                     


A with Diamond 4 power cable the rest of the flagship family of HiDiamond audio cables carry on the same virtues. Namely the flow, the speed and most importantly the flow. HiDiamond D3 XLR and Diamond 8 speaker cables are bringing performance and the looks of many higher priced siblings to the budget, that is more down to earth and nowadays expectable by many audiophiles and music lovers. In the times when race for highest priced high-end audio cables is going dumb crazy HiDiamond is offering an interesting and effective alternative. These cables are made in Europe-Italy with the lovely looks, that will matter to many and with enough unique technological approaches to keep tech fans satisfied and interested. 
As written before HiDiamond 4VRC cooking make sense and reveal its potency very quickly. As with other cables I’ve recommend at least 100 hours of “play in” before taking any serious assumptions. 
HiDiamond Diamond 8 speaker and D3 XLR cables are a mighty package, that would certainly wipe your pockets grandiosely in the past. Thanks to the more affordable materials, technical solutions and implementation of new technologies these two high-end audio cables are opening world of high-performance to many of those, that could only dream before for stepping in such sized shoes. 
Both cables are no-nonsense products with down to earth pricing and substantial technical story. And most importantly they work!

Technical characteristics:

HiDiamond Diamond 8 speaker cables:
External jacket mm. 270 ; Number of Cond. 12 ; Cond.  Copper (4VRC); Capacity max.  55 Pf/m.; Conductor Resistance: 7,98 Ohm/km.
HiDiamond D3 XLR cables:
External jacket mm.16; Number of Cond. 10; Cond. Graphite/Copper (4VRC); Capacity max. 20 Pf/m.; Conductor Resistance: 25 Ohm/ km.; Shield Resistance: 7 Ohm/km.
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