New HiFi-Tuning’s Supreme³ Silver Edition Reference Electrical Power Harmonizer uses resonators, multi-level RF filters and finest material/components, that meets the highest safety requirements (military & aerospace).

It absorbs/eliminates following interference:

1. Switching and communication signals
2. Radio frequency interferences
3. Common mode interferences
4. Offset interferences
5. Mains voltage fluctuations (glitches)
6. Earth interferences
The device is built as a passive electronic component, practically does not heat up during normal operation, is resistant to aging and is designed for a very long (maintenance-free) service life.
The components used meet the highest safety requirements (military & aerospace), thus no special protective measures are required for continuous operation.
The connection is very simple, you only have to connect the device to the supply phase of the audio devices used as another device, where the absolute phase position should not be observed (the schuko plug can be inserted in any way).
The incredible sound-enhancing effect can be further increased by high-quality mains cables and installation on an audio base.
The mains input plug, as well as the entire internal wiring, are made of massive 99.99% fine silver, which guarantees the lowest voltage drops!
By using a high-quality pure silver mains cable, the effect is still significantly increased further!
Mechanical damping takes place via a special hard stone granulate. 
Technical data:
Dielectric strength: 0-250V/AC ~ (50 & 60 Hz.)
Power consumption: only reactive current in normal operation, it is not registered by the meter.
Weight: 9.1 Kg.
Dimensions: H = 108 mm, W = 167 mm, D = 274 mm
Operating position: vertical or horizontal
Colour: black (Foto shows Prototype)
MSRP: €2,499.- incl. 19% VAT with standard mains cable
Optional accessories: Supreme³ reference mains cable made of 95% silver + 5% fine gold with pure silver mains plugs 1.5m. = €1,999.-
(The earth connection socket is provided for the use of a supply splice where the star wiring of the earth is led out via an additional connection cable. This is custom-made.)