High Fidelity Cables brings magnetic conduction to CES

McKinney, Texas – January 6, 2016. In Las Vegas this week, High Fidelity Cables is exclusively showcasing their magnetic conduction cabling technology — the only high performance alternative to traditional electrical cables. At The Venetian Hotel in suite 30-128, attendees can both hear and see how a hifi system fully cabled with magnetic conduction enhances an audio signal from beginning to end. Interactive presentations conducted by inventor Rick Schultz and his team demonstrate the science behind this fully patented technology.
High Fidelity Cables is using this year’s show to highlight new products that make implementing magnetic conduction into a system more affordable. The MC-6 Magnetic Power Distributor ($999) provides listeners with six outlets connected point-to-point in series with three magnetic waveguides to feed the incoming hot, neutral and ground lines with our patented magnetic conduction technology. The MC-.05 Magnetic Power Plug ($299) inserts into any open AC receptacle to directly apply magnetic conditioning to the power feeding your system.
In addition to residential audiophile products, the company is showcasing the Professional Series: a newly developed line of no-holds-barred commercial-grade products intended for the demanding audio recording and mastering industry.
High Fidelity Cables are magnets made for music. They understand the fundamental relationship between magnetism and electricity as an exciting opportunity to advance the audio industry from recording to reproduction. Stop by and hear for yourself how a system cabled with magnetic conduction can make more music (The Venetian Hotel, Suite 30-128)