Horning‎ SATI Titanium record player

Horning‎ SATI record player its unique combination of a massive 50 kg platter (with bolted polymer mat), state of the art motor and its custom high tech main bearing consisting of 12 mm tungsten ball and phosphor bronze which can carry a 500 kg platter with ease. The tungsten ball is the heart of the bearing along with the 16 mm axle. he Sati motor is not a flywheel motor but a flat high inertia 11 pole motor with three hall elements which are controlled by an optical encoder 3200 times every time the motor runs one rpm. No other motor on todays turntables has a 12 pole BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR.

The high inertia motor of Sati combined with its massive platter give speed control under even the most demanding vinyl recordings. The result is a naturalness you can hear; decay and sustain are brilliantly captured.
The 11 pole SATI motor is controlled in a unique way because its not controlled in standard digitally way. It’s controlled by three soft sinus wave signals.
If you use digitally zero to one (with 0-1) control, will it control the motor very hard! On the scope you can see it as small zigzag peaks, the motor do not like these peaks and will act acordingly (it will not flow fluently). This is very easy to hear in comparison. 90% of high end turntables are controlled this way.
With the new SATI motor with high power output, the single soft wave is expanded to three soft waves, and these are controlled by three hall elements, which al the time are controlling the 12 poles to run in exact and constant speed. The more times the motor is controlled, the more exact it is running, and now we are free of all this drifting every time we turn on the turntable and we are also free of the digital distortion where the motor runs zigzag.
The old motor weight was 36 gram the new is 0.7 kg. Furthermore, the new motor employs soft start, it takes about 6 seconds before it’s running full speed.
The new motor is so strong that you can use a cleaning brush while you are playing your music without hearing any speed change. The motor has such strength and accuracy, combined with the platter’s massive momentum it can hold the 50 kg platter like an iron fist. The specially formulated belts’ elasticity has absolutely minimum interference.
The platter and the tone arm are integrated with a 40 mm thick alumium plinth, and the arm board is a massive 150 mm aluminium tower. This strong integration is responsible for the arm and platter resonating in sync with each other. This becomes a problem in turntables where the tone arm plinth is placed outside the platters plinth. The Sati plinths feet have their own design with low resonating, anti vibration gel between the plinth and main table support. To totally optimize the Sati Turntable an air table with very low resonance should be placed underneath the Sati Turntable to filter out lowest frequency disturbance.