The complete Hornsolutions Elysio tweeter horn series. HT25, HT16, HT9. The master class with beryllium tweeter. “Depending on the size of the Bass-Midrangehorn we choose the HT 25 in the case of the small Sato, the HT 16 we combine with the Satohorn, and the WE66A and the HT 9 we use in combination with the Western Electric 15A.”

“As you can see in the last picture, we suspend the Elysio horns in the mouth of the larger slug horns. This gives us a concentric arrangement of the drivers, similar to the old Altec 605 duplex and the Tannoy dual drivers. All drivers are on the same sound axis. The result of this speaker arrangement is part of our success.

In addition, the Elysio horns have special covers on the back to prevent internal reflections back into the midrange snail horns. 

The Elysio horns can be used in all types of large horns as well as other types of speaker designs.”