VANA Ltd announces the United States launch of the Hypsos, the inaugural product release from Ferrum:  a first-of-its-kind linear/switching DC power supply suitable for DACs, preamps, phonostages, powered speakers and more. After decades of experience quietly designing, engineering and manufacturing electronics for audio brands like Mytek Digital, in 2021 HEM of Poland made an audacious debut for its new in-house brand, Ferrum, with the introduction of the Hypsos, “a revolutionary power supply.”

Taken from the ancient Greek word corresponding to the modern concept of the sublime, the Hypsos sends a clear message: this is something you haven’t seen before. Engineered from the ground up, Hypsos was designed to set new standards of precision and ease of use. Beneath its stunning good looks and compact form factor is the core innovation: a unique hybrid design that combines the best power-sensing features of both linear and switching power supplies to ensure safe operation and a truly musical experience. 

With fully software-controlled operation (another industry first), the Hypsos makes the usually tiresome and complex setup process simple with an intuitive, user-friendly display. Choose your device from the menu, or set manufacturer-recommended values manually with the turn of a dial; then experiment with the +/- 5% sweet-spot tuning to find the most musical output level. Its ability to allow the user to specify any output voltage from 5 to 30V, and its extremely high current-carrying capacity, make the Hypsos compatible with most hi-fi devices. No other PSU on the market today is as versatile.

Audible benefits: Precise voltage regulation and low noise deliver greater dynamics, improved resolution of low-level sounds, and a more three-dimensional soundstage. Early reviewers have praised the Hypsos’ intuitive user experience and its pleasant musical results: richer tone and greater microdynamic range; enhanced resolution/reduced noise; more emotional involvement at lower listening levels; less fatigue.

VANA Ltd., importers of Audio Physic, Atlas Cables, European Audio Team, Marten, and Okki Nokki, will distribute Ferrum products in the USA. “Hypsos is a major innovation that showcases the HEM team’s prowess in analog and digital design as well as software development,” said VANA CTO and Managing Partner, Roy Feldstein. “We’re very excited to bring such a unique and class-defining entry to the American market. And with a debut like this, we can’t wait to see what other ideas HEM has in store for the Ferrum brand.”

Highly compatible: Comes with a high-quality DC power cable fitted to order, enabling connection to the vast majority of suitable audio electronics. Hypsos also comes loaded with a large and growing list of pre-configured voltage settings for many popular devices on the market today. 

Two-stage output regulation: A low-ripple switching power supply with input filter and double output filter is followed by a low drop-out regulator. After this, a double-stage IEC input filter provides additional hum reduction. These stages combined offer very strong ripple rejection and make the powered device virtually impervious to fluctuating mains power. The result is low ripple, an incredibly low noise floor, a fast transient response and very high efficiency.

Sweet Spot Tuning (SST): Fine-tune the output voltage to find the best sound. Maximum allowable voltage information from the list of compatible devices is embedded into this feature. 

4T Sensing Design (4TSD): With a proprietary cable design and feedback ensuring flat voltage at every moment, users can ensure the exact voltage level is precisely maintained at the point of the powered device’s DC input terminal, irrespective of the current consumption. This eliminates the effect of cable resistance.

Spread Spectrum Mode (SSM): The switching frequency is variable rather than fixed, which has the effect of smearing any associated EMI/RF disturbances from the conversion process over the entire frequency band — effectively lowering their total level. 

Immaculate design: Corten steel matched with a black anodized aluminum front panel and a high-resolution color display. The sleek, elegant layout of the controls is simplicity itself.

Advanced Automation: Hypsos is compatible with Apple TV remotes and trigger in/out connectors. Power-up with standby mode can be automated even without a dedicated trigger connection.

Extremely Safe: Automatic Transformer Voltage Adjust (ATVA), Electronic Output Voltage Polarity Switch and Overvoltage, current limit and short protection.

Hypsos retails for $995 USD and comes with a 2.5mm or 2.1mm DC plug, with various cable lengths available. 

ABOUT FERRUM: Looking at the competencies of HEM and the rich local history of quality craftsmanship in the Warsaw region of Poland inspired the idea of creating a new brand of quality hifi products. The Ferrum brand was created in early 2020 and set out to combine sustainability, durability and quality into compact yet attractive packages, focused on one thing only: delivering the best possible audio experience at an affordable price level. The first Ferrum product, Hypsos, takes a new look at the very beginning of the audio chain, while future products will follow suit in unique, exciting and new ways.

ABOUT VANA : Founded in 2010, VANA Ltd is a full-service importer/distributor of fine audio products from specialty manufacturers around the world, including Atlas Cables from Scotland, Audio Physic loudspeakers from Germany, European Audio Team (E.A.T.) turntable products from Austria, Ferrum electronics from Poland, Marten loudspeakers from Sweden, and Okki Nokki record cleaning machines from the Netherlands. 

Based in Nesconset, NY, VANA provides dealer support and sales channel management at the highest level and maintains relationships with North America’s most respected high-end audio retailers.