Ichos N° THREE speakers review is coming…

Robert Rothleitner, the owner of ICHOS Schallwandler has personally delivered a pair of an Ichos N° THREE speakers in beautiful and vibrant orange finish. I’m always more than just happy when the pair of review loudspeakers perform better than expected.  When they exhibit the qualities of bigger, floor-standing speakers it ads a double-decker impact.  While you can expect a certain level of performance based on the technical specs you can never expect how well will the evaluated speakers behave in the reference system. 

If a speaker designer comes and installs the product by themselve, I always ask them to tell me when the system performs to a certain satisfaction level. When Robert told me: “We’re at 85%” we both smiled and started to dig deeper into the music selection.

Ichos N° THREE impressive sense of scale is the result of a 25 cm full-range driver and a dipole-tweeter in a solid aluminum enclosure and highly life-like music flow is certainly connected with the first-order crossover.  There are quite a few interesting additional features like tweeter’s tilt adjustability etc, but you’ll learn more about them in an upcoming review. 
All in all a highly potent speakers created by a person that loves and cherish the music for what it is. 
Stay tuned…


Technical data
  • 25 cm woofer-midrange speaker, glass-fiber membranes, treated with particular varnish
  • Tweeter in dipole version, aluminium monobloc case.
  • Dimension: 1.130 x 283 x 362 (h,w,d) mm
  • Efficiency factor: 94 dB/1W/1m on 8 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz->20 Hz
  • Listening–distance: from 2m appr.
  • Weight : 32 kg appr./piece and according execution
  • 9.900 EUR for the black and white mat colour finish
  • + 900 EUR for additional high gloss lacquer finish (as the orange review sample)