Ideon Audio completes its full digital audio source stack with two new flagship no-compromise devices… Absolute Time Reference Re-Clocker, iStream Music Server. Following more than 25 years of expertise and R&D in the digital audio domain, we are proud to present the two forthcoming new flagship devices to complete a full, no-compromise digital offering for those who want the best in their systems. 

Now you only need a good amp and speakers and your music!

Among many innovations incorporated to those devices, special emphasis must be given to:
The Absolute Time, Reference Re-Clocker.
– The only such device in the world featuring active bridging topology, for the complete elimination of rectifier noise.
– With ultra-low noise femto clock
– With in-house, software developed re-clock core
– Withe hand made, special high-end grade transformer
The iStream Music Server
– The first real-time kernel based operation streamer, fully prioritized for audio playback
– With full Tidal and Qobuz integration into the application including search and playback
– With minimum resources optimizer for best possible sound quality.
Soon in the market, stay tuned.  Congratulations and a big thanks to our team of electronics and software engineers