Importance of the room acoustics and good high-end audio distributor

Having a good distributor is very important in our audio journey when we are spending so much money on gears & we tends to blame it on the gears & cables etc when our system sucks. The truth is that our room sucks and nobody is there to help us with speaker positioning & room treatment. Some of us said ” I don’t believe in treating the room”. My answer is: ” High-End Audio is a hobby & we listen, end of the story. Hi-fi is not a religion for us to believe or don’t believe etc. 
So I was fortunately to have Koo Shiuh Yuan of Swedish Statement which took so much time & effort to ensure that I have good sound, occasionally working on my system for hours sometimes as long as 7-10 hours non stop etc, positioning the speakers, tweaking the DIY SMT Helmholtz resonators .
In my short 10 years audio journey, I rarely come across any distributors who are willing to go an extra mile to ensure the clients system sound decent. Most are interested in the next upgrade & profits and there are so many suckers to be suckled by such distributors. Can u find any distributor who is willing to fly all the way to London just to help out their client set up their system after they shifted? That’s the extent Koo is willing to help his good customers. Below are such example of his dedication to his clients. By the way SMT, empty 2x2x4 ft MDF box works. See the graph below. The changes came about after calculating and determining the gap of the SMT mouth and many trials and errors.

Soon Onn