The enclosure is based on a double chassis made entirely from metal. This creates a perfectly closed shield, protecting the inside filter and power distribution system from RFI noise. The main element of the IPC-6 Power Clearifier is a set of passive filters and a unique system of voltage distribution to the separate sockets. The noise from the power grid is filtered in a circuit using low inductance capacitors and over-current and over-voltage limiters in the form of audio grade resistors. The whole circuit is mounted in a double-sided PCB with 6N OFHC iPower Cable of high cross-section. Separated wiring for each of the sockets guarantees an even and stable power distribution, regardless of the load on each of the sockets. The power strip is also equipped with three LEDs signaling proper function and a polarization detection circuit signaling proper power line polarity or grounding problems.
Polarizing Filter PZT is designed to work from 10k Hz upward which is the frequency band that affects the sound and video quality.
PZT filter can reduce 95% of total noise in AC line. Zero Cross Filter OXF each duplex has the special filter circuit to reduce the interference generated by equipment plugged into duplexes from one duplex to other duplex, ensure the purity and cleanness of AC line delivered to equipment. 
Star Wiring Technologyis special technique which totally separates the wiring to each duplex. This will reduce the crosstalk between duplex and increase maximum current delivered to the equipment.Separated Pre Amp, Integrated Amp, Power-Amp, Turntable, Phono Amp, CD Transport & DAC outlets
  • DCT 4N OFHC US Power Duplex
  • DCT 4N OFHC IEC power input
  • DCT Gold plated metallic output-brackets providing ideal GND to GND and GND to case electrical contacts.
  • IPC-6 MSRP: $900.00/set ( Upgraded Edition )
  • Current rating: 15 amps
  • Operating Voltage: 110 to 250 VAC
  • Spike Protection Modes: L-N, N-G, L-G, zero ground leakage
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: 800V peak @ 3,000 amps, 110 or 250 VAC RMS
  • Response time: 1 nanosecond
  • Maximum surge current: 13,000 amps (8 x 20ms pulses)
  • Maximum spike energy: 380 Joules per mode, 1,140 Joules total.
  • Noise attenuation: > 12 dB @ 10 KHz, > 50 dB @ 100 KHz, > 100 dB @ 1-10MHz
  • Measurement: 32cm x 14cm x 8cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 5 kg