Innuos At Warsaw AVS 2022.

Innuos writes: “The award-winning Innuos STATEMENT Music Server and Streamer will be heard publicly in Poland for the first time in Stadion Narowdy (Skybox 229) at the Warsaw Audio Video Show happening 28 – 30 October in Warsaw. The STATEMENT received a remarkable power supply upgrade earlier this year and response has been tremendous.”

“Ever since the introduction of the Innuos STATEMENT with Next-Gen Power Supply Music Server and Streamer, it has been one of the most desirable upgrades in HiFi, even winning an Audio Oasis award for recognition of truly superior show room sonics & musical experience from Positive-Feedback for its performance at Pacific Audio Fest in the United States. Now this must-hear music server and streamer will be enjoyed by visitors at one of the largest HiFi shows in Europe, the Warsaw Audio Video Show.
Alongside the STATEMENT with Next-Gen Power Supply will be the Innuos PhoenixNET Audiophile-grade Network Switch. The PhoenixNET is the realization of Innuos’ philosophy of simplicity and signal purity applied to the network switch; it minimizes noise, increases clocking precision and stability and minimizes vibration. It even uses two STATEMENT-grade linear power supplies with independent ultra-low noise regulation and Mundorf Capacitors to provide pristine power to its custom Ethernet board and the OCXO clock. In short, PhoenixNET is a perfect compliment to the STATEMENT by providing data with precision.
Visitors at the Innuos room at Skybox 229 will be able to choose their favorite music tracks using the Innuos Sense App, then hear those tracks on a stunning HiFi system that includes The Innuos STATEMENT with Next-Gen PSU, Innuos PhoenixNET and a dCS Rossini APEX DAC delivering the audio to a Gryphon Essence Stereo amplifier. Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers will faithfully render the sound using Shunyata Sigma and Omega cables with a Hydra Alpha A12 mains conditioner. Artesania, Symposium and THIXAR are supporting the components with racks and shelving – the level of clarity and refinement the STATEMENT with Next-Gen Power Supply brings as a sound source is immediately apparent with this system.
The show will be staffed by Innuos Founders, CEO Amelia Santos and Director of R&D, Nuno Vitorino, along with Innuos Head of Sales, Steven Gomes, European Sales Manager, Thierry Massoubre and Yaohan Yang, who just joined the team as APAC and MEA Sales Manager.
The Innuos exhibit at the Warsaw Audio Video Show will be a rare opportunity for the public to hear the flagship STATEMENT with Next-Gen Power Supply alongside this stunning sound system, and also speak directly with Innuos executives on-site.
Innuos products are also on display elsewhere at the show, including at AVcorp Poland at the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel in room 502.”