Innuos is launching an exclusive offer specifically for all their ZEN Series Music Server owners allowing them to rediscover what they were missing in their music. 

Innuos, the digital audio specialists, is running a PhoenixUSB offer especially for their customers during October. Whether you have a ZEN Series Music Server or planning to buy one, you will be able to access this offer, enabling you to breathe new life into your DAC and rediscover what you were missing in your music.

The PhoenixUSB Reclocker can enhance the USB signal from any source and completely regenerate it to an extremely high-precision signal to feed into your DAC, allowing it to perform at its best. The PhoenixUSB offers in one unit the equivalent of what is most commonly available in the market as 3 separate components: USB Reclocker, Linear Power Supply and High-Precision Master Clock with its own linear power supply, that together breathes new life into your DAC and ultimately your music and is an important element of a highly optimized digital audio chain.

The PhoenixUSB includes 3 main design approaches utilized in Innuos’ flagship music server, the STATEMENT:

The USB chip regenerating the signal contains no switching regulators. All 3 independent voltages to the chip originate from an independent linear power supply with further regulation provided by 3 sets of LT3045 regulators.

The use of a 3ppb OCXO clock running directly at 24MHz and connected via a board track just a couple of inches away from the USB chip. Therefore, no precision is lost within cables and connectors.

Two independent Statement-level linear power supplies, one dedicated to the OCXO clock and the other used for powering the USB chip/5V USB line.

The PhoenixUSB in one unit is able to eliminate noise from the signal and increase clocking precision. It improves the performance of any Server and Streamer with a USB source, producing a much higher quality and immersive sound. Innuos has replaced an essential component in the digital chain and made it better! For more information on the Innuos PhoenixUSB Reclocker, click here:

With this Exclusive PhoenixUSB Offer, Innuos is providing all current and new ZEN Series (ZENmini, ZEN or ZENith) owners the opportunity to further augment the quality of their sound with the purchase of a PhoenixUSB

Also, don’t forget, Innuos is still offering all ZEN MKI Owners the opportunity to trade-in their first generation Innuos server and get up to a 15% discount on the purchase of a new ZEN Series (ZENmini, ZEN, ZENith), or STATEMENT music server until December 31st 2021.

Reclocker at an exclusive promotional rate of 10% off for all ZENmini owners and 15% off for all ZEN or ZENith owners during the month of October 2021 only. For more information on this incredible offer, please visit our website at


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