Interview with Sonus faber’s technical designer – Gianluigi

Being part of the Sonus faber Design Department means not only to project high end loudspeakers, but also to create workspaces and objects made for improving Sonus faber’s modus operandi…in this sense, even building a shelf for the new hi-fi speakers is a tough work! 
Today Gianluigi, Sonus faber’s technical designer, tells us more about it.
How long have you been working for Sonus faber?
For 25 years, I’m a sort of “company data storage” (laughs).
Tell us what kind of activities your job consists of: which are your tasks, your teamwork.
I am dealing with everything that is about Sonus faber loudspeakers projects: cabinets, electronics, but also displaying stands and everything that’s needed! 
During the years I’ve designed a lot of devices for the production and assembly process, such as the support which is still used for the leather covering process. Sometimes, my job is about intuition and “do it yourself”: this support is made with a very simple device that is still in use in the Fiat 500, another example of 100% made in Italy!
Sonus faber, from craftsmen to an international company inside a solid group: how much has remained the same, and how did you see the company change?
Till 2004 the management was more like a “family-run business”: the production was really made “in house”. Till the early ’90 we were a little more than ten people and we took care of every aspect, from production, to warehouse management, from logistics to supplying. Many things have changed since those times, especially the distribution network: we now have developed a worldwide department for sales.
What I really can say is that the Production Department has improved a lot, but still remaining the same.

Which product launch was the most exciting for you, and why?

The Sonus faber: the starting point for a climb! After that, everything changed: from the use of the 3D technologies (for the design) to the the constant desire of making something new… it is a challenge, and you cannot go back!
Over the years you’ve followed many different activities and, among those, also the Customer care: what is the strangest question you answered, and why?
Friday is always a hell day for customer care! Once, a guy innocently asked if he could “do an upgrade” to his Cremona and substitute its crossover with the Stradivari one: no way (laughs), every loudspeaker has its own specific crossovers!
Say hi and tell us your favorite Sonus faber loudspeaker, and the vinyl you would play with it.
Minima, for me it’s the best because it’s part Sonus faber’s history. 
About the song, I’ve no doubt: Redemption song by Bob Marley.