iota QT Ultra-SP turntable with Spindle platter

There are two different versions of the QT Ultra one uses a baseboard manufactured from high quality birch lap ply, and on this version is also the MLM platter. Whilst the SP version has a 10kg diamond polished granite baseboard as well as our Spindle Platter, and a number of other options, including upgraded PSU & bearing, and many custom finish options….
The Spindle Platter was developed as an alternative improved platter design, and as such is substituted for the MLM platter. The Spindle platter is made up from 126 individual components,  including eight centrifugal high mass weights in polished 316 stainless steel fitted onto eight internally damped 12mm polished support arms. The mass weights are fitted with silicon rubber outer “O”rings.
The central hub sits on top of a mass loaded and damped sub platter. Manufactured in aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel, this has the central 100mm filled with a combination of constrained layer damping materials and is faced with sealed cork. The centre spindle fitted to the main bearing is machined from 20mm  gunmetal. This platter and its extra long gunmetal spindle allows the user to experiment with a variety of different platter mats. 
The Spindal Platter was developed to extend further our ideas of reducing the impact of platter colourisations & the negative affects on the playback of vinyl. This Spindle Platter and its  126 individual components include a combination of highly polished stainless steel (type 316) high mass peripheral weights, and aluminium alloy components as well as natural cork, Acetyl turned components and advanced polymer resin bonding agents.
Our aim was to create a structure that offers high rotational mass, but to position the majority of the mass at its extreme outer edge, therefore to gain the maximum benefit of centrifugal force. In addition whilst the structure is designed so that it supports the vinyl record where it is most required, at its outer edge, but also at the centre around the turntable bearing spindle. The result is this configuration also helps to control any influence or noise from the turntable main bearing. 
The addition of a effective clamp then holds the vinyl to this damped area at the centre of the Spindle Platter. However the area of the vinyl that contains the groove from which all the musical information is extracted will be devoid of any platter reflections or interactions. The interface mat is left to do its job, and nothing else, and again as its not fixed, alternatives can be exchanged to the preferences of the owner if desired.
The design uses the high mass peripheral weights mounted at the extreme end of turned and damped support spindles, each weight is effectively decoupled as much as possible from its support mount, and wrapped around the weights are damping rings that are the only outer edge contact with the natural cork interface mat. The position of the eight high mass weights allows the full positive affect of centrifugal force to be applied to the Spindle platter; This helps to maintain rotational speed stability, whilst at the same time reducing to a minimum the deleterious effects that would have resulted had we simply applied mass uniformly to the whole platter. The eight separate weight/supports ensure the vinyl is not allowed to deflect at its edge whilst the central record label area has total support and damping applied to the gunmetal centre spindle, this is further enhanced by the use of a suitable record clamp.

The iota QT Ultra and the Spindle Platter were also part of our development programme to produce our own somewhat unique Satori tonearm. This uses bearing and support techniques as well as materials not previously applied or used in other tonearm designs, so we believe a new and fresh approach to a set of very old and familiar problems?