J.Sikora turntables land in United States

Notable Audio Products, importers and distributors of exceptional European audio products, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed the exclusive North American Distributor by J.Sikora Turntables (www.jsikora.pl).

“J.Sikora ‘tables already have a strong and loyal following throughout Europe and have received outstanding reviews and product awards.

Janusz Sikora, renowned Polish industrialist and founder of J.Sikora, has applied his extensive knowledge of metallurgy and materials research to the construction of premium turntables. Janusz and his son Robert experimented with hundreds of combinations of different metals in the processes of optimizing their ‘tables. By leveraging their experience in the production of metal-intensive luxury goods for other markets, the father and son team have been able to produce extremely high-quality products with exacting tolerances at prices that substantially undercut the competition.
J.Sikora currently produces three turntable ranges. The “entry-level” Initial turntable (MSRP $7,995) weighs an impressive 62 lbs. The Initial is built using aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel and features a 9-pound Delrin® platter, an advanced digital speed controller, an outboard analog power supply, and an internally damped high-torque motor.
The middle of the J.Sikora line—Standard—weighs 176 lbs. Though massive, its sleek industrial design makes it look at-home in any audiophile system. An industry first, Standard’s unique 40-pound platter utilizes layers of Delrin® sandwiched between copper spacers to dissipate and distribute vibration. Beyond the features of the Initial, the Standard adds: significantly increased mass; the strategic application of brass; a second motor, a high-mass secondary plinth, a crystal glass and aluminum record mat and a custom 4.5-pound record weight comprised of aluminum, brass and nickel. MSRP $15,495.
J.Sikora also offers upgraded “MAX” versions of their Initial and Standard tables. The Initial MAX ($10,995) includes a second armboard, a second motor, a second, high-mass plinth, a glass mat and a record weight. The Standard MAX ($18,195) adds a second armboard and the advanced plinth from their statement Reference table, described below.
J.Sikora’s flagship, 238-pound Reference turntable artfully combines a precise ratio of 6 different metals. The platter is both dynamically and statically balanced and is constructed from three separate materials. The main bearing is constructed from steel, cemented carbon, and zirconium. The Reference supports up to 3 tonearms and includes a unique plinth with an integral precision speed controller.
New for 2019, J.Sikora’s KV12 is the world’s first production Kevlar®-armtube tonearm. After years of experimentation, Sikora developed a proprietary method for the precise forming of a Kevlar® arm tube. The KV12 employs a 12’’ oil-dampened unipivot that marries the KevlarT© with aluminum, cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel, and uses mono-crystal silver wiring, resulting in detailed reproduction and an astonishingly low noise floor.
J.Sikora will be demonstrating their tables at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, September 6 – 8, 2019. For more information on J.Sikora products, please visit notableaudio.com
J.Sikora products are available in the United States through a select group of retailers. Carefully chosen for both their expertise in the sales and setup of analog products as well as their outstanding customer service, these retailers honor JSikora’s highest standards. Please contact Notable Audio Products for a list of dealers.
About J.Sikora Turntables: 2007, Janusz Sikora established J.Sikora Turntables to share his passion to reproduce great music at home. J.Sikora is one of the few turntable companies in the world that performs all of its metalwork in-house.
About Notable Audio Products: Industry veteran and Owner of Command Performance, Jeffrey Fox was so impressed by the quality and passion of foreign emerging audio brands that he established Notable Audio Products as a vehicle to bring components of exceptional, value and performance to the US market.
Delrin® and Kevlar® are registered trademarks of Dupont.”