Java Hi-Fi LDR preamplifier

There are few of the LDR preamplifers on the market, but the JAVA seems to operate a bit differently… Activated by light, the JAVA utilises LDR (light dependent resistor) technology to deliver simply exceptional sound quality. The JAVA’s unique circuit design works by varying current to alter the intensity of an internal LED, which in turn varies resistance to adjust the volume level. This creates the purest possible path for the delicate audio signal – nothing is added to the signal and nothing is subtracted.
As a result, the JAVA sounds utterly transparent, revealing subtle new details in familiar pieces of music. Voices and instruments are presented with startling realism, displaying the rich, complex tonality of a fine valve amp. At the same time, the JAVA delivers deep, controlled bass and visceral, wide-band dynamics that rival the very best solid state designs.

Premium materials were selected for the JAVA based on their aesthetic qualities, their durability and their ability to isolate structural vibration and minimise resonance.
The JAVA employs a range of construction processes, from traditional artisan methods for wooden components to advanced SLA additive manufacturing in composite aluminium-polyamide (Alumide) for others. Inside the JAVA, the unique inverted assembly design further isolates critical electronic circuits from vibration, while high-accuracy laser-cutting and CNC machining of components (utilising advanced computer aided design software) ensures optimum fit and finish. 
Extensive prototyping and testing of every component ensures only the highest-quality finished product is shipped, guaranteeing years of trouble-free listening.
The JAVA uses high-quality NSL32SR3 LDRs, manufactured by Advanced Photonix Canada. Extensive testing and trial and error has shown these to be the best quality LDRs available for audio applications, the electrical characteristics and reliability of these LDRs being very consistent compared to alternatives.
Achieving accurate channel matching and a linear response across the audio band has been a bugbear of earlier LDR-based designs. The JAVA approach differs to other LDR-based designs currently available by using Dynamic Current Trimming™ to further balance each channel, resulting in outstanding channel matching between L/R channels (typically less than a 1% variation).
This Dynamic Current Trimming™ implementation is unique to the design of the JAVA, with the anode and cathode of the LED of the LDR employed in a closed high-impedance circuit, separate from earth. In comparison most other LDR products have a resistor and capacitor in parallel to earth, resulting in those components always competing with each other.
The JAVA is suitable for use with all source components with an output of 500mv or more and is compatible with all power amplifiers. NOTE: the JAVA may not perform optimally with source components that are specified with rated output below 500mv into loads of 3000 ohms or higher (the vast majority of equipment today delivers rated output into 600 ohms or lower).