Java LDR light dependent resistor preamplifier

An interesting LDR based preamplifier Kickstarter campaign… 
The JAVA is an audiophile-quality, passive pre-amp utilizing LDR (light dependent resistor) technology in a unique circuit design.
Activated by light, the JAVA utilises LDR (light dependent resistor) technology in a unique circuit design, to deliver exceptional sound quality. It works by varying current to alter the intensity of an internal LED, which in turn varies resistance to adjust the volume level, creating the purest possible path for the delicate audio signal. Nothing is added to the signal and nothing is subtracted.
The JAVA comes in three strengths to suit the differing needs of the discerning audiophile.
JAVA SINGLE SHOT : With three pairs of unbalanced (RCA) inputs and a single pair of unbalanced outputs, the JAVA Single Shot gives it to you straight. It’s for music lovers who just want great sound at a fair price, without any added features or extras on the side.

JAVA DOUBLE SHOT : The JAVA Double Shot is like the Single Shot on steroids. It adds two further pairs of inputs and another pair of outputs, together with a high-quality headphone stage and the added convenience of remote volume control.
JAVA TRIPLE SHOT : The JAVA Triple Shot features a mix of two pairs of balanced inputs and three pairs of unbalanced inputs, as well as balanced and unbalanced outputs. Also included is the high-quality headphone stage and remote volume control found on the Double Shot.
Developed exclusively for the JAVA by Chris Daly, the unique JAVA circuit and LDR control board are significant developments of those found in Daly’s original Stereo Coffee kit, which has gained a cult following in DIY circles.
Taking its cues from the mid-century design movement and inspiration from hi-fi’s golden age in the 1950’s – 1960’s, the JAVA is a piece of audio furniture to covet — one that would sit comfortably in the pages of the finest home interior magazines. Featuring a mixture of premium materials and with an organic, almost sculptural aesthetic, the JAVA is an object that begs to be touched — and has to be heard to be believed.
The JAVA sounds utterly transparent, revealing subtle new details in familiar pieces of music. Voices and instruments are presented with startling realism, displaying the rich, complex tonality of a fine valve amp. At the same time, the JAVA delivers deep, controlled bass and visceral, wide-band dynamics that rival the very best solid state designs. Music through the JAVA is not forced. It flows effortlessly across a broad and deep soundstage, immersing the listener in the music and taking them closer to the original performance.