Fascination of the physical presence of sound, normally provided by the physical presence of musicians is a primary focus of the Jean Maurer Hifi from Switzerland.  
Jean Maurer Hifi writes: “One of the finest and one of the best amplifiers, the Lectron JH61 takes care of bringing home your favorite musicians. With its impressive power supplies, sophisticated and generous filtering, Lectron / Partridge output transformers, particularly well-designed wiring, this amplifier offers an extremely short signal path.

With a power of 2 x 45W and 120dB signal to noise, JH61 will remain at ease with the most complex musical signals.”

2-stage power amplifier
Power 2 x 45W
1st stage with bipolar J-FET transistor
Push-pull EL34 four-tube power stage
Switching of the device controlled by the PA51 preamplifier
Input impedance 300 Kohms
Input sensitivity 550 mVeff
3-pole anode feed filtration with 2nd core pole with steel plate and 3 pole with polypropylene capacitors.
Lectron / Partridge special output transformers with 4 and 8 ohm secondary
Aluminum frame and non-magnetic stainless steel cover
1 stereo line input
Power supply 230V / 50-60 Hz
(Can be changed in 100V or 120V)
Dimensions (HLP): 190x410x430mm
Weight: 28 Kg