JICO 100% NUDE Diamond Styli.

JICO 100% NUDE diamond that is used in the JICO CUSTOM SHOP styli. Also, for the first quarter of 2023, JICO will launch new headshells geared toward listening/audiophile consumers. It’s more of an SME Type headshell and might be offered in a new OMNIA J50 preassembled kit. JICO Original Lead Wires for both the DJ and Audiophile categories are also in the works to be released at the beginning of 2023.  

JICO Nude Stylus tips are entirelv made of natural Diamonds. Bonded Stylus tips have Diamonds that are attached to a shank. In contrast to bonded stylus tips, JICO NUDE Stylus tips are made entirely from 100% natural Diamonds. Because of the thinner stylus in place and solid NUDE Stylus tips enter the groove of a record more easily.
This is a frequency characterization of a NUDE Stylus tip that includes the TYPE S Cantilever compared against a standard Bonded Stylus tip. Displayed is the difference in frequency band coverage between the two stylus tips. 
The difference between the main and cross sections demonstrates that the bonded stvlus produces a clearer sound in the mid-range frequency, whereas the NUDE stylus performs better in the high frequencies.
A NUDE Stylus tip is entirely made of natural Diamonds. 
The tip angle and round shape are similar to those of a standard Bonded tip, with a diameter comparable to that of the Stylus tip from the JICO CUSTOM SHOF SAS series. NUDE Conical, Elliptical, and Mono Stylus tips are available to choose from.