J&K Audio Design Balanced Isotrans

Balanced isotrans – realize the full potential of your audio visual system by providing them with the clean balanced power!
Balance power (+/- 240Vac or +/-100Vac or any AC you fancy) eliminates ground loop and hum from your system. Isolation function removes all the noises from the incoming mains. The outcome – higher SNR for audio + video, darker background, lower noise floor, better contrast and separation. 
This unit uses the highest grade A1 SiFe Toroid, made in Japan. It runs cool (very low core loss), and does not have audible or mechanical hum, potted in epoxy with a very thick iron shield – absolute quietness.

Upgrade options:

* Better input / output IEC sockets
* Furutech IEC inlets
* Audiophile DC filter
* Audiophile cables 
* Ground socket for connecting to 3io Black Box or any ground conditioners
* Etc
Link: here.