JMF Audio DMT3.7. world’s first transport optimized for Blu-ray Pure Audio discs

The world’s first transport optimized for Blu-ray Pure Audio discs, featuring JMF Audio BDPM1 machined optical mechanism and MCLK3 clocking system. The transport makes the CDs and SACDs reach an unsuspected level of high resolution and natural sound and also supports dematerialization, network audio and streaming from Tidal.
JMF Audio proprietary BDPM1 is the world’s first precision optical mechanism for CD / SACD / Blu-ray discs. Machined to 1/100th mm precision, hand mounted and calibrated. Made in France.
The JMF Audio DMT3.7 transport and streamer, gold finish main audio board. Hand mounted and soldered components by JMF Audio. Dematerialization and discs both take advantage of the advanced MCLK3 clocking and signal processing.

The BDPM1 optical mechanism is protected with a carbon shield. The discs rotation is controlled with a proprietary carbon disc clamp. All the transport functions are accessible from the massive and ergonomic MBR1 remote control (patent application for SACD and Pure Audio Blu-ray discs management).