John Cale Helen of Troy Vinyl LP from Wax Cathedral NEW

Final Statement in John Cale’s Island Trilogy Bristles With Fascinating Eclecticism and Cohesive Atmosphere: Phil Collins, Brian Eno, and Chris Spedding Among Contributors
1975’s Helen of Troy Includes Modern Lovers Cover and Controversial “Leaving It Up to You”: Wax Cathedral LP Cut at Mobile Fidelity By In-House Engineer Krieg Wunderlich.
To his chagrin, John Cale’s record label released his unfinished demo tapes while he was busy producing Patti Smith’s groundbreaking Horses. But to his surprise, the resulting album, Helen of Troy, is considered the most stylistically cohesive of the eclectic Island Trilogy, the trio of albums Cale recorded for Island Records during the course of 1974-75. Featuring Brian Eno’s lithe synthesizer, Phil Collins’ expert drumming, and Cale’s manic streetwise songwriting, Helen of Troy delivers more sophistication than most final cuts, and cuts deeper in its roughness.
Back on domestic vinyl for the first time in decades, this RTI-pressed edition of Helen of Troy is cut at Mobile Fidelity by in-house engineer Krieg Wunderlich and features stunning sonics. Quiet surfaces, faithful artwork, and the opportunity to hear Cale’s engaging fare unfold amidst wide soundstages and black backgrounds—not to mention the moody content within—make this Wax Cathedral LP a must for music aficionados. 

Although we’ll never know what the one-time Velvet Underground cohort had in mind for the finished product, with its labyrinthine arrangements, theatrical spontaneity, and primal rawness, Helen of Troy is a gem that’s better unpolished.

John Cale Helen of Troy Track Listing:
1. “My Maria”
2. “Helen of Troy”
3. “China Sea”
4. “Engine”
5. “Save Us”
6. “Cable Hogue”
7. “I Keep A Close Watch”
8. “Pablo Picasso”
9. “Leaving It Up to You”
10. “Baby What You Want Me to Do”
11. “Sudden Death”