The KAREN Turntables created by JWM ACOUSTICS, are designed with the same attention to detail as any other product from the collection. Wood, finishes and components are chosen for their acoustic properties and tuned to perform at the greatest possible level of performance. Each piece is unique and must be treated as such. From concept, to picking the materials for the plinth, to final setup, each table is hand built and tuned along the way. The design is timeless and is intended to last for generations.
A KAREN table is perfect for the seasoned audiophile, or the beginner wanting a great start into the amazing world of analog audio. For the beginner, one can choose a myriad of recommended cartridges that will suit the budget, taste and system. For the audiophile, the plinth of each table is cut for a standard REGA RP series deck. This means many aftermarket upgrades are available including arm choices, bearings, motors etc. In other words, the table can grow with the owner as the budget and system requirements grow.
As an option for REGA RP series owners, we are also making the KAREN plinth available naked. For a small service fee, we can populate the plinth with your own equipment for you, or send you all the materials you need to build your own. Either way, you are assured to have one of the biggest improvements to your system you have ever imagined. Not to mention a unique design all your own. If you decide to upgrade your existing table, feel free to contact us for a consultation.
We know the KAREN tables will be in your family for many years. We are also extremely proud of the design and options we are making available for the enthusiast. It would be an honor to build one for you and your family.