Kaiser Acoustics Kawero Furioso Mini speakers

The final production photo and info of the Kaiser Acoustics Furioso Mini speakers with as an-Speak Ellipticor tweeter, Satori Woofer 19 and two Scan-Speak  Illuminator PR custom made side drivers. The Kawero!® Furioso high performance stereo loudspeaker features sophisticated engineering, state-of-the-art materials and high tech manufacturing processes to minimize structural vibration, offering uncolored tonal coherence and a robust sound previously unattainable in a compact loudspeaker of this size. The speakers are manufactured from Tankwood, a high tech natural wood-based laminate engineered in Germany. Tankwood is incredibly dense: it sinks in water, offers the rigidity of steel, and also boasts some of the best vibration damping characteristics in the world.

Technical Specifications:

– Sensitivity: 89 db 2,83 V
– Impedance: 4 Ohm nominal
– Frequency response: 37 Hz to 30 kHz
– Tweeter: Scanspeak Ellipticor with low mechanical losses
– Midwoofer: 7,5“ Papyrus cone
– Passive radiator: 2 times 7,5“ Illuminator
– custom made aluminum passive radiators
– Front baffle made from veneered tankwood with transparent lacquered surface.
– The cabinet is made from birch plywood with CDF decks, lacquered in standard colours.
Standard Model (F1) without mainstay:12500 EUR
Mainstays 1500 EUR