Kaiser Kawero Chiara exclusive special edition speakers review is coming

Finally Kaiser Kawero Chiara speakers brought personally by Rainer Weber and Hans Jurgen from Kaiser Kawero are out of the boxes and installed. These are real rare gems as nothing is standard with this version starting with exclusive selected rare Ziricote veneer with the same piano lacquer as Fazioli grand pianos. Particular review model is finished with the transparent lacquer consisting of mighty 14 hand polished layers. Rare, exotic Western Electric AWG 16 tinned copper, cotton insulated cables are being used for internal wiring and crossover implements Duelund silver bypass cap over the Duelund CAST Cu cap at the tweeter. This is comparable to the hybrid caps from Frederik, where this bypass cap is already incorporated.
It took me whole afternoon in trying to get the light right with Ziricote veneer and transparent lacquering. You should get the idea, but they are even more stunning in person.
Review set sports improved stand with same tankwood bars from the main speaker cabinet being added to the acoustic labyrinth in the stand.
The acoustic labyrinth sucks out structure borne vibration. It is very critical at this exact point to have right mechanical impedance, otherwise the vibrations (structure borne sound) would just bounce inside the main cabinet causing the intermodulation. This technology is one of the key elements to have such a big sound coming from small sized monitor with active 5 inch unit.
New labyrinth on the review pair and including all the new  production Chiaras is extended and has additional tankwood bars at two threads in the bottom of the speaker. Kaiser team eliminated vibrations from the main cabinet and from the floor. 

Kasier Team is also developing external custom tailored platform similar to their high-end audio racks, which can be mounted below the Chiara and locks/connects to this two “vibration carrying” threads and increases the amount of structure borne elimination further. This special new accessory will be called vibration terminator.

Stay tuned for first listening impression soon. Uber exciting time!
Text: Matej Isak