Kanade legendary record cleaner

JICO uses the finest quality leather and stitching in Kanade cleaners, the same as used by the makers of luxury European handbags. Each cleaner is handmade in Japan, created individually with great care by a crafter of handbags. Beginning with the selection of the leather, painstaking care is used in control and processing steps, including tightness of threads, stitching interval, and the logo imprinting duration and temperature. Each cleaner is a unique, handcrafted product. The elegant and high-quality texture achieves greater depth not only with each use but also over the passage of time, in a way that is beyond words.
The storage case is made from hinoki cypress, a fine wood used in traditional Japanese architecture. JICO uses the lumber remnants of milled hinoki to reduce waste as part of our dedication to the environment. Each case is handmade with care in Japan by a craftsperson skilled in the creation of wooden masu boxes that are constructed without the use of any nails. The jointing technique used is known as yosegi-saiku, a craft similar to parquetry. Since ancient times, hinoki has been favored in Japan for its aromatic properties and resistance to insects. We hope you enjoy the fine fragrance and Japanese aesthetic sense of hinoki.
Only natural materials are used in the record cleaner Kanade.