“Many of you were curious for the specifications of the Kharma International entry-level loudspeaker of the Kharma Collections, the Elegance S7-S. The high frequency comes from the 1x 1″ True Beryllium tweeter, the Mid & low frequency from the Signature version comes from the 1x 7″ Kharma Omega-7 driver. The midrange of the Elegance Signature loudspeakers is formed by in-house developed Kharma Omega 7 driver, where the number is referring to the 7-inch size of this carbon based driver. The cone technology used for the Omega 7 driver is based on Ultra High Modulus carbon fibres, which is the best fibre available on the globe today. The use of these ultra stiff carbon fibres and an unique resin displaces the break-up frequencies of the cone, in comparison with a standard cone material, to a whole other level.”

This beauty is a 2-way system with the following specs: 

• RMS power100 Watt

• Program power200 Watt

• Frequency range29 Hz – 30 kHz

• Nominal impedance8 Ohm

• Efficiency 2.83V/1m86 dB

• Maximum SPL106 dB