Kharma Enigma Veyron EV2 ultimate speakers NEW

PR: Kharma International invites attendees of Munich High End 2016 to experience with a new Dutch Masterpiece for a new age- the Enigma Veyron.
As part of the continuing program to develop the world’s most technically advanced and aesthetically beautiful audio products, Kharma International is proud to introduce at Munich’s High End 2016 the Enigma Veyron EV-2, part of the most extreme and extraordinary line of ultra-performance loudspeakers in the world today.
Inside the EV-2’s elegant yet massive Bulletwood cabinet lies the next evolution in dynamic driver systems. For alongside a triple array of 1” and 2” diamond tweeters is a double compliment of our own gemstones- the Kharma Omega-F 7” and 11” drivers. We name the Omega-F after the 1855 discovery of Eddy currents by Leon Foucault, and our desire to eliminate the deleterious effects he described. In short, Kharma has employed a completely new and unique motor system that has eliminated the need for iron as a focusing element.
This revolutionary motor is precisely located in a completely carbon chassis, and powers an ultra-stiff and light carbon cone. Even the voice coil former is made of carbon fibre. It’s an all-out electrical and mechanical assault on the status quo that results in a device that acts faster with less distortion. Vastly increased resolution across the drivers’ entire bandwidth allow for better transients, less coloration, and a more refined, complex harmonic structure.
The job of isolation the massive EV-2 from its environment is an equally massive task. The no-limit solution to this challenge is a spike disc suspension system incorporating Carborundum balls sitting on a diamond surface. Minimal contact area is guaranteed through the extremely hard surfaces.
The Enigma Veyron program was only possible given Kharma’s long history in building world class audio products that consistently pushes technological boundaries. However, what has emerged with the Enigma Veyron loudspeakers and their newly developed technologies has taken even Kharma beyond their imagination.

Kharma is named for the notion that the tremendous effort and energy we put in to all that we design and build is something tangible that can be experienced in ownership. Celebrate with us the transcendent result of applying nearly 35 years of design experience to proprietary technologies and no-limit, exotic materials. Be a part of what will be one of the most talked about events in audio for 2016, and experience the latest Dutch Masterpiece.