Kharma Enigma Veyron

Kharma International writes: “Previously we’ve asked you what you would like to know about the Enigma Veyron series and one of the questions was, how long it takes to produce a Veyron model. So let us take you on this production journey!” 

The cabinets of the Enigma Veyron series are made out of bullet wood, which is a highly dense material. They are constructed out of 5-axis CNC-milled thick Bulletwood parts. And this whole process is very time-consuming… one mistake in the milling and the whole cabinet can be redone. 

Once the cabinets are milled, they are painted with your choice of color. At this moment, it is usually piano black.

We then start working on the inside technology; crossover, drivers, cabling, and signature treatments to the cabinet. All adding up to the Enigma Veyron sound you are used to. As you can imagine, we have to be very careful when working on these Dutch Masterpieces, so the internal production process also takes some time. 

When completely finished, you would say DONE!

But before giving the GO ✅, everything about the loudspeaker is completely checked and tested to the smallest detail. When the speakers complete the test, they are ready to be polished and packed. 

Depending on the Enigma Veyron model production time starts at three months. But having read the above, that makes sense right?”