Thomas Schick writes: “Klangfilm inspired speaker project. There is a tendency to label everything close to a Siemens tube radio as ‘Klangfilm’. Speaker chassis, tubes, cables, etc. 

It is not Klangfilm, but the parts obviously have references to the original. So, I have called it ‘Klammfilm’ roughly translates to ‘poor man’s Klangfilm’…

Based on 2-inch JBL 2441 driver, Klangfilm replica horn, Tesla woofers.

The Tesla woofers are very similar to Klangfilm KL405 originals. Both are more a wide-range speaker than a dedicated woofer. Used for film projector sets as a speaker box. The original KL 405 was used in the KL Bionor speakers.

A metal frame to take the speakers. And allows the panels to be mounted on the side. It is modular for ease of setup on future audio meets.

The baffle is too small for serious bass. Here it is running with corner horn support below 100Hz. This way the lack of treble gets obvious. Ok, an additional tweeter was added. Modern sounding system in the end.”