Korg + Noritake Nutube updated info

Here is more info about Korg + Noritake Nutube ‘Vacuum Tube On A Chip’, that created quite  some stir. Pro Audio site Synthopia got Korg Marketing Manager Junko Fukai to answer few questions…
Q: The NuTube design that was announced at NAMM is a triode design. Are there only plans for a triode tube, or are tetrode or pentode tubes planned?
A: The Nutube shown at Winter NAMM 2015 is Twin Triode type which we named 6P1.
We are considering to make other types as well.
Q: Is the Nutube technology going to be limited to Korg products, or do you expect to market the chips to other companies for other types of applications?
A: We would like to consider every possibility for Nutube.
Q: How do these sound compared to traditional tubes? Are any audio demos available?
We demonstrated it in a guitar amp format at Winter NAMM 2015. In all our tests, we are very satisfied with the sound quality, we think it has same sound and feeling of traditional tubes.

No audio demos are available currently. There are so many variables to consider when doing A/B testing, and also the product is still being refined.
Q: When do you expect to introduce Korg products based on this technology?
A: We are planning to have some products from KORG and VOX which we will support with this our technology. We hope to unveil more by early next year.
Q: What is the goal for introducing this technology at NAMM, independent of a specific product?
A: We are steadily advancing in the development of the Nutube and wanted to know the market’s reaction at the biggest music instrument show, Winter NAMM.
Link to the original complete article and more info: here