Kronos Pro Ltd turntable in action

One of the main reason for our travel to this mega audio system other than the apparent one, is to witness the installation of the Kronos Pro Ltd turntable. At the asking retail price of $65.000 for the complete package with the Black Beauty tonearm and ZYX Premium Omega Universe cartridge, I am sure the owner will hear analogue audio format at a whole “new universe level”!. The owner actually paid me a visit to listen for himself what the Kronos Pro Ltd can bring to his “audio plate”. After that listening session, he confided to me that he loves the delivery of the energy in the musical presentation, the PRaT, soundstaging and detailing of the presentation that made his decision easy to lean toward the Kronos Pro Ltd. I am glad to have another audiophile friend to come into the analogue camp…enjoy

Dato’ Danon Han